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My Name is Sagar Gajare.

I am a Fullstack Builder.💪

Currently working as a Frontend developer at Helpshift, Pune.
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About Me

I’m Sagar, a software engineer based in Pune India, I am a passionate Frontend developer
I am working as software engineer 1 (frontend) at Helpshift and part of the Phoenix team. where I am building cool stuff that directly reaches an astonishing millions of devices across the globe. I graduated in July 2023 from Pune University (DYP Akurdi) in Computer Engineering.
Sagar Gajare Frontend Developer
Sagar Gajare Frontend Developer

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I am from Faizpur, a small town located in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, which is well-known as the banana city. I was born and raised there, and I came to Pune for my studies. during my free time, I enjoy simply sitting back and relaxing. additionally, I have a strong inclination toward discussing world politics, and I find myself indulging in such discussions frequently.


Frontend dev @Helpshift (July 2023-present)

I am currently working as a frontend developer at Helpshift, where my primary focus is on the Helpcenter, which serves an astonishing 2 billion devices. In my role, I leverage a tech stack that includes React.js, Tailwind CSS, JS, SCSS, and Lit Element to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for our vast user base. My work involves crafting the user interface and ensuring a smooth, efficient interaction with our Helpcenter across a wide array of devices.
Tech Stack:
  1. Lit Element
  1. Javascript
  1. CSS
  1. Web Components
  1. Reactjs

Contributor @superteams-dao(sep 2022- present)

In my role as a contributor at Superteams, I played a pivotal role in frontend development for blockchain projects, predominantly using cutting-edge technologies like React.js and Next.js. My responsibilities included crafting seamless user interfaces, optimizing user experiences, and applying CSS to achieve visually appealing designs. Additionally, I extended my expertise to enhance various internal Superteams projects, consistently championing best practices in frontend development.

Frontend intern @onpar-labs (Sep 2022 - Dec 2022)

In my role as a frontend developer at Onpar Labs (Flaq Academy), I specialized in using Next.js to enhance the user experience. I was responsible for creating SEO-friendly interfaces and optimizing user experiences on their content management system hosted on Notion. Additionally, I contributed to the development of simulator tools for Web3 applications to ensure a seamless and informative onboarding experience for new users.

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